Am I really scary?

6 09 2011

I know this is stupid to ask, especially after my last post, but shit, I’m not really scary, am I?

I’ve decided I need a man in my life. I want to date, like really date, not just hangout or hook up. I want someone to spend real quality time with. BUT apparently guys want bubbly flirty girls that don’t challenge them. So what’s a headstrong, stubborn girl like me to do? Do I act bubbly & flirt to meet a guy? We all know I can’t keep that act up for long… What happens when I meet a guy that likes fun, lighthearted, flirty Sarah & then the the real, wtf is that look for Sarah comes out?

I want someone who likes me for me & all my quirks & the crazy. I fight hard, but I love even harder. I have ideas & ideals that I expect people to live up to. No, they’re not always reasonable, but really, who’s reasonable 100% of the time.

I keep telling myself that one day I’ll just find someone that fits me. That gets me. That loves me for me & all the good things about me & tolerates the not so good stuff. One of these day…




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