The Internet makes it so easy to fall in love…

17 09 2011

With the connected-ness the interwebs provide, it’s really easy to meet/get to know/fall in love with people who you don’t actually know.

I think I need to rephrase that, but I’m not sure how. I’m not talking about online-dating. That, I’m not a fan of.

But blogs, tweets, even facebook posts. The Wonderful World Wide Web (think that to the tune of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz) has made it so that I’m able to ‘know’ people that I don’t actually know.

I am in love Love LOVE with a blogger that I found through a TV show. WTF is that?!?! But I love his writing. I love his rants. I love his self-doubt & self-awareness. This is strange to me. I feel connected to this person who probably doesn’t even realize that some random chick in San Antonio is reading through his archives because she wants to know more.

I’m also in love w/ Anthony Bourdain. The man is just sexy & smart & funny & snarky & well hell, he’s friends with Eric Ripert (who I’m in love with too). He can cook & drink & cuss like nobody’s business. He travels the world & eats! I want on those coattails!

I’m also randomly in love with a facebook friend, not because I know him all that well or am even physically attracted to him, but because he posts pics of all the cool things he does w/ his wife & kids… I’m in love with the fact that he’s a great husband & father. I’m in love with his witty status updates. I’m in love with the fact that he’s okay with his wife posting pics of him that aren’t always 100% flattering.

Ah, love…




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